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Briard pups 6 months - Django and Biu playing

Briard pups 6 months - Django and Biu playing


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Dogs 101 - Briard

For more, visit http://animal.discovery.com/tv/dogs-101/#mkcpgn=ytapl1 | It looks like a shaggy dog, but the Briard is a hard worker from France.

Briard -Intelligence Herding and Guard Dog

Follow The Dog Show online: ➤Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/the_dog_show_/ ➤Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/The-Dog-Show... ➤Twitter ...

Briard - Top 10 Interesting Facts

Underneath the Briard's long, shaggy coat lies a bold spirit and keen intelligence. There are TOP 10 facts about Briard. 2 DOLLARS CAN CHANGE DOG LIVES: ...

Berger de Brie (Briard): Informationen zur Rasse

Kurzbeschreibung: Berger de Picardie (Picard): bis 65 cm / 32 kg Berger de Brie (Briard): bis 68 cm / 40 kg Berger de Beauce (Beauceron): bis 70 cm / 50 kg ...

Ring Bergers Français 2015 , les briards Gonzague et Hernesto

Briard travail en ring :Ring Bergers français 2015 à Vienne , les briards Gonzague du Domaine des Peluches et Hernesto du Jardin aux Eglantines. Juge : Mr ...

Elle the 90lb briard playing with Sophie 4

90lb French Briard \

Briard - AKC Dog Breed Series

Learn more about Briard http://www.akc.org/dog-breeds/briard/

Hobbes the Black Briard

Chasing pebbles on North Berwick beach with Lorna Davidson.

Briard Line Brushing


20 amazing dog tricks performed by Elliot the Briard (17months)

Elliot showing off some of his tricks, 17months old Heel, Fetch, Bow, Bark, Growl, Cross Paws, Sit, Down, Stand, TIred, Tidy up, Balancing things on his nose, ...

Franze The Briard - Funniest Dog In The World (NOT Susan Boyle)

This is Franze.

Obelix the Briard and Macy the Coton-Poodle

Obelix is a fun loving 8 months old Briard puppy. He is playing with Macy, a 5 months old Coton-Poodle puppy. Enjoy.

Briard Hunde

Momo (9) und Dino (7) auf \

HOLLY BRIARD at Hayes TeenStar Singing & Dance competition

TEENSTAR http://www.TeenStarcompetition.co.uk HOLLY BRIARD performance at the Hayes TeenStar Singing & Dance Competition Area Final. SINGING ...

Harry Potter Dalido, a briard: the legend has gone...

Music: \

Meet Chou Chou Briard and Brandy the Barking Bird!

http://www.briard-adventures.com Chou Chou Briard and Brandy, a cockatoo, are housemates. Brandy bird craves attention -- even barking - but her dog friend ...

Briard vs Ridgeback

Brains vs Brawn. Lindy (\

Luśka na huśtawce - Briard on a swing


Briard grooming 2 of 2

Briard grooming.

Norman Door Manners - Briard -dog tricks

Norman 8 months old - showing how he shuts the door and wipes his feet Check out his Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!

Briard - I Really Hate Ya (featuring Andy McCoy)

Briard - I Really Hate Ya. From Bloodstains Across Finland liner notes: The Briard released four 7''s and one LP (the album came out years after the band broke ...

Hughey in Woods | Briard Bear Dog


Briard Amy | Wir müssen noch Spazieren gehen!

Menschen sind ja so vergesslich und schwer von Begriff... da muss ich glaube ich mal nachhelfen.

Hoe kam ik een Briard? Wie kaemme ich einen Briard? Uitleg door fokster Kitty Haenen

Loulou wordt gekamd. Uitleg door fokster Kitty Haenen (in het Duits)

Briard grooming

How I would groom a briard.

Briard so gentle

Luellesha Briards. Paygan and Tia as a puppy.

Briard - Miss World

Yhtye: Briard Raita: Miss World Albumi: Rockin' on the Beach 7\

Briard Baby Tongue Check

Spencer, the Briard, lets his baby sister, Nora, check his tongue.

Briard Temperament

Briard: http://obedient-dog.net/dog-training/ Probably you need some Briard information if you want to train your dog appropriately. Well, it's obvious that if you ...

ERPEL briard protection IPO training 2

ERPEL briard protection IPO training.

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